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Date: Fri Nov 17 2006 - 10:47:02 CST

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N> Hi *
N> Probably it's on the manual, but I do not find it.
N> I want to be able to control the graphical representation properties, like
N> coloring method, drawing method, material ... in order to write some procs to
N> be run in batch mode. I know the commands to control these 3 mentioned rep.
N> properties, but how do I change for example the
N> resolution/thickness/aspect/spline style ratio for example of the Newcartoon
N> representation? In a CPK rep, how can I change the sphere scale, sphere res.
N> ... ?
N> Are all these features available as commands/variables in order to be possible
N> to change their values in self-made procedures?

yes, you can control everything. in fact, you usually have better
control of everything from the script interface than from the GUI.
not always are all flags exported to the GUI and not always does
the GUI allow fine grained tuning of parameters.

your best bet is probably to do a Save State and then
look at the generated file to understand how you can
do it in your own procedures.


N> Cheers,
N> Nuno

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