Date: Thu Apr 05 2007 - 11:32:02 CDT


There is an emap module in the charmm program which writes out a map file in
ccp4 binary format.

In a test, I used the pdb file that was for use with the emap module of
charmm to write out a map file in ccp4 binary format.

The resulting map file is read by the pymol program and produces a plot of
an isosurface.

However, the same ccp4 binary file is not read in by vmd. A message "unable
to load molecule" is obtained.

The version of charmm I am using is c32b2 compiled on a debian linux system.
 I am using VMD 1.8.5.

I am attaching both the pdb file and the ccp4 map file. Hopefully, they
won't be scrubbed.

Thank you in advance for any help in resolving this problem.

Kind regards,


  • chemical/x-pdb attachment: tcr.pdb