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Date: Thu May 03 2007 - 07:44:05 CDT

On Thu, 3 May 2007, SMAHANE CHALABI wrote:


SC> hi all,
SC> How, using VMD, could I generate a water box containing only the absorbent
SC> heads of phospholipid?
SC> in other words i would like to have a water box which contains the absorbent
SC> heads and an air box which contains the hydrophobic tails.

how about solvating just solvating everything and then removing
the water molecules that you don't want with a selection?
you can created selections of the type:
'same residue as (resname WAT and z > 10.0)'
to select only a part of the water box...

SC> I need your help!

who does _not_ need help every once in a while. ;-)


SC> Thanks,
SC> smahane
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