From: Jennie Thomas (
Date: Tue Jun 19 2007 - 17:59:53 CDT


I'm loading a CHARMM coordinate file and then a CHARMM trajectory
into vmd from an NPT simulation. However, vmd isn't reading the box
dimensions from the trajectory (even though we've checked to make
sure they are there).

I'm using the following version of vmd:
1.8.6 MacOS X OpenGL Intel 86 (Apple MacOS-X (10.4.7 or later) with
hardware OpenGL (native bundle))

Any ideas on why the box information isn't available at each step?
If needed I can post a sample trajectory, coordinate file, and tcl
script that reads the trajectory and prints out the x box dimension
at each step (right now this is the same at each step, but it should
be fluctuating).

With thanks,
Jennie Thomas