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Date: Mon Jul 09 2007 - 09:25:03 CDT

On Mon, 9 Jul 2007, Bhaskar Jyoti Borah wrote:

BJB> Hi everybody,

hi bhaskar,

BJB> I need some help. We in our lab has a graphics work
BJB> station. It has a NVIDIA quadro fx-3400 graphics card.
BJB> How to configure the graphics card so that vmd can utilize
BJB> it and make the things faster? Thanks in advance for your kind
BJB> help.

right now we can only give you the generic advice
to make sure that you have installed the matching
driver from nvidia (see

if you need some more help, please provide more details
about your current setup (cpu, operating system and
version, graphics driver version, memory etc) and any
specific problems that that you are experiences, ideally
with an example so that we can try to reproduce it and
tell you, whether this an expected behavior or not.


BJB> regards
BJB> bhaskar

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