From: Eugene Leitl (
Date: Sat Mar 25 2000 - 19:03:56 CST

Kemikal Kid Kolby writes:
> Hi this is Kolby from the photosynthesis center at ASU. I was wondering
> if anyone knew how to model bilayer membranes or liposomes with VMD.

VMD is just visualization. You need to have another package to run it

I was able to model ~50 kAtoms lipid bilayer systems with EGO (64
MBytes K6/200 Linux box), and was able to visualize them with VMD. You
can see some of my (amateurish) work here:

Of course, the proper program to use with VMD is NAMD. I haven't tried
it in on a PVM box yet, however.

Have also a look at Helmut Heller's site.

Try also

If you're talking liposomes, you're obviously talking serious system
sizes. The water alone will kill you, unless you can restrict
hydratation to a shallow layer both inside and outside of the lipid

I would be interested if you could keep us posted on your progress.

> Thanks!
> -Kolby