From: John Stone (
Date: Wed Mar 13 2002 - 00:04:10 CST

Dear VMD-L,
  I've just made a newer version of the "vmdmovie" script
available on the VMD script library site. The new version
adds some more movie types, and now has some smoothing and
decimation options which can be used to generate antialiased
images on computers that don't provide hardware antialiasing.
The new script does better error prevention for bad user input,
and is generally more robust than previous versions.

The new vmdmovie script is available here, please read the notes
about getting VideoMach, ImageMagick, or NetPBM for your platform when
you download the script, if you don't have these tools already:

The vmdmovie script is now capable of being installed as a plugin
in VMD 1.7.1 or newer by downloading the "plugin" tar.gz file
and unpacking it into the vmd/plugins/noarch/tcl directory
of an installed copy of VMD. Once installed in this directory
you can have VMD load it on demand with these commands:
  package require vmdmovie 1.0

Software antialiasing post-processing
 Enable the "smoothing" button, then enable the half-size rescale
 button, then make your VMD window twice the size (on both axes) that
 you want the final movie to be, then render the movie.

If you have questions about using the new vmdmovie script,
please let us know.

  John Stone

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