From: Adrian E. Roitberg (
Date: Wed Mar 13 2002 - 07:22:32 CST

Dear all,

First, thanks to the developers for vmdmovie !! makes life much

I have a 'bug report' and a question.


Is there any way to tweak the defaults for povray ? I would like to
manually play with the .pov (or .dat file within vmdmovie) to change
of the colorings, camera position, etc. However, the 'headers' for pov
input seems to be hardwired within vmd. Is this true ?

If so, is the only way to go into the source code, change stuff and
rebuild ?

Bug : (?) On vmdmovie, un Solaris, upon pressing the 'working directory'
button, I get errors in the console related to tk.

bgerror failed to handle background error
Original error: invalid command name
Error in bgerror: invalid command name "bgerror"

Anyone out there can help ?

PS: the dir chooser works fine under my sgi irix platform.

Thanks !!

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