From: Olaf Lenz (
Date: Sun Aug 12 2007 - 04:00:41 CDT

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As I have kind of started this subject, I'd just like to say that I'm
sorry for the harsh tone of my reply to Vlad's original mailing. At the
time when I wrote the reply, I was annoyed about a request on a
completely different mailing list, so I just ranted against somebody.
Sorry, Vlad, that you were the victim.

In general, I think that this mailing list is exactly for user requests,
 even if they are not exactly on-topic. In many cases, I write replies
also to very basic questions, and only in rare cases I feel annoyed.
Luckily, there are enough people here that most questions get answered.

I feel that cross-posting should be avoided out of a number of reasons.
On the one hand, it causes a lot of unnecessary traffic, especially if
people also reply to both lists. Furthermore, it often feels as though
the poster has not really thought about who the question concerns, but
just tries to get his question to as many people as possible - which is
indeed a bit like spamming.
My advice is simply to avoid cross-posting: if you don't get a reply on
one list, you can still post to the other list. But don't start with it
right away.

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