From: Lili Peng (
Date: Wed Dec 05 2007 - 18:32:44 CST

 I have a question regarding making movies in VMD. I want to make an
animation of my simulation using the following steps:
> 1) Opened VMD
> 2) Loaded .top and mdcrd files.
> 3) From VMD Main, went to Extensions --> Movie Maker --> VMD Movie
> Generator.
> 4) Set the appropriate working directory and named the movie.
> 5) Used default Movie Settings as "Trajectory" and Format of ".MPEG"
> 6) Selected "Make Movie"

> The progress was successful until I reached stage 7, when I received the
> popup error "Could not locate 'videomach.exe'. Description: VideoMach
> audio/video builder and converter. would you like to specify its path?"
> I did a thorough search for this videomach.exe file on my hard drive but
> nothing came up. I also reinstalled VMD and there was no luck in that
> either. The thing is, I have all of the bitmap files (all 240 of them) in
> my specified working directory. I just need an executable program to link
> all the bitmaps together in one continuous movie

Any suggestions on how to rectify this problem would be appreciated.


Lili X. Peng
Graduate Student Researcher
UCSD Department of Bioengineering