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Date: Wed Dec 05 2007 - 19:16:40 CST

On Wed, 5 Dec 2007, Lili Peng wrote:


the short answer to your question is: RTFM ;-)

the long answer is:

as the output of the script implies, you need to
install videomach which is a software that is not
part of VMD. it also indicates that you are using
windows (which and the version of VMD that you are
using, is something you should always provide when
reporting a problem).

please have a look at the documentation of the movie maker
plugin. it should be opened in your webbrowser when you
click on help in the movie maker dialog (many plugins
have this, as their documentation is usually not part of
the regular VMD documentation).

(or go to )


LP> I have a question regarding making movies in VMD. I want to make an
LP> animation of my simulation using the following steps:
LP> > 1) Opened VMD
LP> > 2) Loaded .top and mdcrd files.
LP> > 3) From VMD Main, went to Extensions --> Movie Maker --> VMD Movie
LP> > Generator.
LP> > 4) Set the appropriate working directory and named the movie.
LP> > 5) Used default Movie Settings as "Trajectory" and Format of ".MPEG"
LP> > 6) Selected "Make Movie"
LP> > The progress was successful until I reached stage 7, when I received the
LP> > popup error "Could not locate 'videomach.exe'. Description: VideoMach
LP> > audio/video builder and converter. would you like to specify its path?"
LP> >
LP> > I did a thorough search for this videomach.exe file on my hard drive but
LP> > nothing came up. I also reinstalled VMD and there was no luck in that
LP> > either. The thing is, I have all of the bitmap files (all 240 of them) in
LP> > my specified working directory. I just need an executable program to link
LP> > all the bitmaps together in one continuous movie
LP> file.
LP> Any suggestions on how to rectify this problem would be appreciated.
LP> Thanks,
LP> Lili

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