From: Tamás Borsos (
Date: Tue Nov 16 2010 - 04:25:04 CST


first of all I would like to thank You all for your work on this
project, because we are using your software regularly for short three
dimensional presentations to our students at Lorand Eotvos University,
Hungary. I am working at the Faculty of Natural Sciences as a software
engineer and we have a large stereoscopic projection system and we are
just about to finish the development of our head tracking system,
which is already able to measure the position and orientation of the
viewers head. This way we will be able adapt the viewpoint of the
three dimensional software to the viewpoint of the user.

In order to completely interface our system with your software we need
to modify it or write an additional module. Would you be so kind to
help me find a sophisticated (or maybe easy) way to upload/adjust the
cameraposition (world transformation) through an interface to your

Thank you very much in advance.

Thomas Borsos