From: Teletchéa Stéphane (
Date: Fri Jul 25 2003 - 19:55:17 CDT

Not very important things but those things that help ...

I think it could be an improvement whether it was possible to save vmd's
preferences from a menu (in file drop-down for example) :
I know i can put on my own .vmdrc :
display projection orthographic
But i think it would be better if i could define settings in the gui
first, and then save settgins (or as defaults ...)

I've been asked already about the default positionning and size of vmd
window at startup for instance ...

By the way, it is possible to translate vmd's menu into another
language, as a native French, i would find it more comfortable, and
certainly some of my counterparts !!!

Of course i mean in general, not only for French, but if you want a
translator, i'm your man !


Teletchéa Stéphane <>