From: Andrew Dalke (
Date: Fri Jul 25 2003 - 20:18:57 CDT

Teletchéa Stéphane wrote:
> I think it could be an improvement whether it was possible to save
> vmd's
> preferences from a menu (in file drop-down for example) :

What about "File -> Save State"?

> By the way, it is possible to translate vmd's menu into another
> language, as a native French, i would find it more comfortable, and
> certainly some of my counterparts !!!
> Of course i mean in general, not only for French, but if you want a
> translator, i'm your man !

Years ago (ca. 1997) I translated one of the menus into Turkish,
because one of the original NAMD developers, Attila, was from Turkey.
We decided there wasn't enough need for an internationalized version
of VMD, because of the effort, the wide acceptance of Engish as the
default scientific language, the font support back then wasn't good
enough to support full i18n and neither was the XForms layout system,
which didn't repack the menus correctly given the differing text widths.

Times have changed, so final word will have to come from the current
developers. I know John Stone is out this coming week for the SigGraph
conference so it might take a while.