From: John Stone (
Date: Thu Oct 27 2011 - 01:29:42 CDT

  I would suggest checking which libs VMD is finding at runtime to
make sure they look correct. I would also suggest checking that
you're able to correctly run simple demo apps using your
local CAVElib installation. With those two things out of the way,
then I'd check VMD running in windowed mode, and finally running
it with "vmd -dispdev caveforms" which will also enable the GUI windows.
Do you have a "simulator" mode config for your cave? I'd start with
that, and progressively work up to running on all the walls. Is
yours a single-system cave, or a cluster?

  John Stone

On Thu, Oct 27, 2011 at 07:12:09AM +0100, Christian Wohlschlager wrote:
> Hy !
> I just installed vmd 1.9 (update from 1.8.7) on Suse 11 SP1 with Cavelib
> , Starting without cave everything seem to be ok,
> starting with -dispdev cave after loading a pdb file i get heaps of errors
> ;
> XRequest.143:BadKength (poly request too large or internal XLib lenght
> error
> Usually i get this message when displaying on a remote system with 32 Bit,
> but in this case this cant be, its displayed on a 64 Linux Cave (with
> cavelib) i also try to change VMDCAVEMEM but there is no difference at
> all.
> I also recognised that in the menu- display --> Rendermode i have no more
> cave listed. but for 'sure i have linked it with cavelib and also at the
> beginning a welcome screen on the cave is displaying.
> Maybe someone knows whats the problem.
> Thanks a lot
> Christian
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