From: Christian Wohlschlager (
Date: Thu Oct 27 2011 - 01:12:09 CDT

** Reply Requested When Convenient **

Hy !
I just installed vmd 1.9 (update from 1.8.7) on Suse 11 SP1 with
Cavelib , Starting without cave everything seem to be ok,
starting with -dispdev cave after loading a pdb file i get heaps of
errors ;
XRequest.143:BadKength (poly request too large or internal XLib lenght
Usually i get this message when displaying on a remote system with 32
Bit, but in this case this cant be, its displayed on a 64 Linux Cave
(with cavelib) i also try to change VMDCAVEMEM but there is no
difference at all.
I also recognised that in the menu- display --> Rendermode i have no
more cave listed. but for ┬┤sure i have linked it with cavelib and also
at the beginning a welcome screen on the cave is displaying.
Maybe someone knows whats the problem.
Thanks a lot
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