From: Sarah MohammadiNejad (
Date: Fri Jul 19 2013 - 06:35:57 CDT

Dear all,

As the output of my simulation I have 500 .pdb files (500 time evolution
of the system).
I want to make a movie from these files, so I use this simple script

for {set frame 1} {$frame < 500} {incr frame} {
      set filename [format "test%04d.pdb" $frame]
      set mol [mol new $filename type pdb waitfor all]

When I run it, in the VMD main I see 500 molecules each have 1 frame but I
need 1 molecule with 500 frames.

Does anyone know what changes I should make in my script to see 1 molecule
with 500 frames!

Thanks in advance,

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