From: Emilio Lence (
Date: Fri Jan 16 2015 - 06:12:54 CST

Dear Sirs.
I've been using VMD for a while, but I only know a few basic things.
Recently I started to explore the posibility of changing my ASCII files
from MD simulations to the new and supposedly better NetCDF format. But, I
find troubles when I try to load this files in VMD. After a first search in
the AMBER mail list, they say that you hace to select the option NetCDF
when using menus, or if you have the extension .nc the file is
automatically recognise. I tried using the console adding type netccdf
after, but it was not working. I checked the VMD website and found that you
have a new version released last December, so I installed it. But with
1.9.2 version, still I am not capable of loading my nc files.
Looking through the website I found a plugin section ( in which
mention that netcdf format is supported. I try to install the plugin from and
follow one of the links to a suppose NetCDF-Java library (,
whcich I download and try to install, but without any success.
Then I search the VMD mailing list for more information, and find several
messages saying that NetCDF format is not supported in the windows version
of VMD due to technical issues, the most recent one from September 2011.
So, my question is very simple: Is NetCDF format supported by VMD 1.9.2 in
Windows machine or not?
In case affirmative, is there any guide for dummies how to make it work.
Thanks for your kind attention and apologies because English is not my
mother language and probably didn't express myself clearly enough.
Have a nice weekend
Emilio Lence
PhD in Chemistry