From: FX (
Date: Fri Dec 02 2016 - 05:25:07 CST


I have tried a build of VMD 1.9.3 from source on 64-bit macOS (Sierra = 10.12 = the latest version).
The build succeeds, but I am seeing two issues when I run the binary. I am writing here to see if anyone has a hint about those:

1. the OpenGL display is not updated/redrawn on mouse or keyboard events. The display is stuck. All actions (mouse or keyboard I do) take place but the scene is not redrawn. The only way I have found to force a redraw is to change the display window size.

2. I get messages that "The irspecgui package could not be loaded” (and others: multiseq, networkview, pmepot_gui, autoionizegui, solvate, autopsf, cggui, dowser_gui, chirality_gui, cispeptide_gui, forcefieldtoolkit, mdff_gui, membrane, mergestructs, molefacture, mutator, alascan, autoimd, qwikmd). I don’t get any actual error or log from those.

The build is "make macosx.x86_64.opengl”, with fltk-1.3.4-1.