From: FX (
Date: Fri Dec 02 2016 - 07:42:09 CST


I have been looking at the macOS-specific code in VMD and there are several very outdated code paths (most of them hidden by “#if 0”, some that will be avoided at runtime). Some date back to 10.2, which is impressive.

I propose the attached patch to clean it up. It will not change behavior on any macOS version since 10.7 (Lion), which was released in October 2012. It will make the code clearer, e.g. when trying to debug issues as I am doing now.

Thanks for considering it,

PS: would a patch to drop support for PowerPC builds be welcome? The last PowerPC Mac was sold in 2006, and they have been unsupported for both hardware and software for many years now. Again, it would make things clearer.