From: John Stone (
Date: Fri Jun 11 2004 - 10:33:55 CDT

  In the very near future I would like to find a few people
that can test some new builds of VMD 1.8.3 for Linux.
In particular, I'm looking for people that have access to a
variety of Linux machines running different distributions.
The reason for this is because we were recently forced to
upgrade our Linux compile box to a newer version, and thus
the new VMD binaries I produce probably won't work on anything
older than the original Redhat 9 distribution or thereabouts.
That being said, I'd still like to find out how interoperable
the binaries I'm able to produce here are going to be so that
if there are problems I can start working on solutions before
it is time to release VMD 1.8.3. So, if you're willing to try
out VMD 1.8.3 test versions on a few Linux machines with various
distributions, please send me an email.

  John Stone

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