From: Luca Mollica (
Date: Fri Jun 11 2004 - 12:08:15 CDT

John Stone wrote:
> Hi,
> In the very near future I would like to find a few people
> that can test some new builds of VMD 1.8.3 for Linux.
> In particular, I'm looking for people that have access to a
> variety of Linux machines running different distributions.
> The reason for this is because we were recently forced to
> upgrade our Linux compile box to a newer version, and thus
> the new VMD binaries I produce probably won't work on anything
> older than the original Redhat 9 distribution or thereabouts.
> That being said, I'd still like to find out how interoperable
> the binaries I'm able to produce here are going to be so that
> if there are problems I can start working on solutions before
> it is time to release VMD 1.8.3. So, if you're willing to try
> out VMD 1.8.3 test versions on a few Linux machines with various
> distributions, please send me an email.

I can offer my contribution to the VMD community testing the software on
distro SUSE 9.0 extensively both on a desktop PC and on a notebook
machine. Also, I can manage to test the software on the fly on a
Mandrake distro machine.




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