From: John Stone (
Date: Fri Jun 11 2004 - 11:10:15 CDT

  Thanks for offering to help!
The new builds will be different than what you have run before.
I haven't yet posted the builds based on the new compilation system
as I have only just gotten things working in the last several days
and am still doing basic testing to make sure nothing obvious is broken.

The first tests I'm looking for will be the easiest.
Essentially, the first thing I need to verify is to find out what distributions
the binaries will run on. (In this case, I mean the simplest things, like
whether the binary runs or immediately crashes. Whether loading the
dynamically linked plugins causes errors, etc, stuff like that).

Once we've verified that the binaries are runnable and don't get weird
dynamic linking errors and such, the next things will just be exercising
the code a bit more and finding out if anything malfunctions as a result
of standard libraries differing on different distributions. This will
take more time and is harder to debug when problems crop up, but the more
I find out before the release of VMD 1.8.3 the better.

I'll post new binaries later today that you can try out. I'll let
you know when they are up.

  John Stone

On Fri, Jun 11, 2004 at 10:56:51AM -0400, Jerry Ebalunode wrote:
> Hi John,
> Since you provided me the link to access the vmd alpha releases for gentoo
> linux amd64, I have been been installing and testing every alpha release for
> linux i386 and linux x86_64 (either on fedora, yoper, or redhat or gentoo
> linux ditribution), by doing my day to day vmd routines.
> Let me know what sought of tests need to be done and where to access the alpha
> relases if they are different from the one you shown me earlier.
> On Friday 11 June 2004 11:33 am, John Stone wrote:
> > Hi,
> > In the very near future I would like to find a few people
> > that can test some new builds of VMD 1.8.3 for Linux.
> > In particular, I'm looking for people that have access to a
> > variety of Linux machines running different distributions.
> > The reason for this is because we were recently forced to
> > upgrade our Linux compile box to a newer version, and thus
> > the new VMD binaries I produce probably won't work on anything
> > older than the original Redhat 9 distribution or thereabouts.
> > That being said, I'd still like to find out how interoperable
> > the binaries I'm able to produce here are going to be so that
> > if there are problems I can start working on solutions before
> > it is time to release VMD 1.8.3. So, if you're willing to try
> > out VMD 1.8.3 test versions on a few Linux machines with various
> > distributions, please send me an email.
> >
> > Thanks!!!
> > John Stone
> >
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