From: Pacci Evaristo, Felipe Fabricio (
Date: Tue Dec 14 2021 - 16:57:13 CST

Hi everyone,

This may be a basic question, but I was used to navigating to my directory
or interest via terminal and running VMD via command line right there to
already be in the directory I was interested in being in when VMD
initiated. Since getting a new computer (and, therefore, switching to a
different version of VMD), I haven't been able to do that anymore, although
I've been following the very same steps I'd been following all along
before. No matter from which directory I run VMD via command line, I'm
placed at my home directory by default right away once VMD initiates. What
do I need to do to activate that function?

I am now running the "*MacOS 11.x, ARM64 (64-bit "M1" Macs)* (Apple MacOS-X
11 or later)" VMD version on macOS version 11.6.

Thank you very much,

*Felipe Fabricio Pacci Evaristo*

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*Skype:* felipepacci

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