From: hayagreevan R (
Date: Mon Mar 27 2006 - 05:30:22 CST

hi all,
i am doing my gromacs simulations in cluster and viewing it in vmd in my
local system.
I can view my output in gromacs trajectory viewer.But i am unable to
view it in vmd.Initially vmd showed error of wrong number of atoms.So i
had to remove all water molecules from my protein.But now,it is not
showing any error but the output is undecipherable.It is just a
combination of lines.The wierdest part being,the trajectory still runs
even in these lines.
I switched back to gromacs trajectory viewer to check if the error was
in vmd or in gromacs.It again had no problem in gromacs.
I donno where the problem is ?
If anybody had experienced this problem beforehand,please help me with
the solution for it.

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