From: John Stone (
Date: Mon Mar 27 2006 - 10:12:51 CST

  In addition to what Nuno already said, it would be useful to know which
trajectory format your simulation was written out with, what version of
VMD you're using, etc.

  John Stone

On Mon, Mar 27, 2006 at 03:30:22AM -0800, hayagreevan R wrote:
> hi all,
> i am doing my gromacs simulations in cluster and viewing it in vmd in my
> local system.
> I can view my output in gromacs trajectory viewer.But i am unable to
> view it in vmd.Initially vmd showed error of wrong number of atoms.So i
> had to remove all water molecules from my protein.But now,it is not
> showing any error but the output is undecipherable.It is just a
> combination of lines.The wierdest part being,the trajectory still runs
> even in these lines.
> I switched back to gromacs trajectory viewer to check if the error was
> in vmd or in gromacs.It again had no problem in gromacs.
> I donno where the problem is ?
> If anybody had experienced this problem beforehand,please help me with
> the solution for it.
> cheers
> hayagreevan
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