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Date: Thu Sep 14 2006 - 17:27:55 CDT

Hi Akshay,

VMD can not generate DPPC bilayer. Peter Tieleman's coordinates are fine but you will probably later have problems of embedding your protein into the membrane. A easier way is to generate POPC bilayer in VMD and use VMD scripts to do later on jobs. I have 118 POPC lipids for my GPCR protein.

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  Hi All


  I am trying to simulate a GPCR protein belonging to the rhodopsin family with amino acid length of 320 residues. Also, I would be using the pre-hydrated DPPC bilayer, can somebody suggest that for a GPCR protein of roughly 320 aa, how big DPPC bilayer would be appropriate to use e.g. 128 DPPC bilayer is available from Peter Tieleman's website .


  Also, can VMD 'membrane' van generate DPPC bilayer?



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