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As suggested by Dr. Ting, I am generating a POPC bilayer in VMD.


As I mentioned, my GPCR protein is 320 residues in size and following are
the XYZ dimensions


Z ~ 67 A

X ~ 54 A

Y ~ 50 A


1. In the VMD, we can only define the X and Y dimensions of the POPC
bilayer, so will it be fine if I go for something like X/Y = 60 or 65, so
that I can appropriately center my GPCR protein in the bilayer?


2. A reference for Dr. Harel Weinstein says "studies have shown the
appropriate distance between the solute protein and a simulation box
boundary to correspond to ~4 to 5 layers of lipid molecules" [Lipid Bilayer
used in the study was POPC bilayer] The AAPS Journal 2006; 7 (4) E871-E884.
Would that be taken care of by building a bilayer with X/Y dimensions of
5-10 A greater than the X/Y dimensions of protein?


3. I have realized that after embedding my GPCR in the POPC bilayer from
VMD, some parts of the EC and IC loops remain outside the water slab. So, is
there a way to increase the water slab of membrane a) either during membrane
building or b) can it be done independently after a membrane has been built?


I would appreciate any suggestions.


Thanks and Kind Regards




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Hi Akshay,


VMD can not generate DPPC bilayer. Peter Tieleman's coordinates are fine but
you will probably later have problems of embedding your protein into the
membrane. A easier way is to generate POPC bilayer in VMD and use VMD
scripts to do later on jobs. I have 118 POPC lipids for my GPCR protein.



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Hi All


I am trying to simulate a GPCR protein belonging to the rhodopsin family
with amino acid length of 320 residues. Also, I would be using the
pre-hydrated DPPC bilayer, can somebody suggest that for a GPCR protein of
roughly 320 aa, how big DPPC bilayer would be appropriate to use e.g. 128
DPPC bilayer is available from Peter Tieleman's website .


Also, can VMD 'membrane' van generate DPPC bilayer?



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