From: Andres Palencia (
Date: Sun Dec 03 2006 - 13:07:28 CST

Dear Alex,

Axel Kohlmeyer wrote:
> On Sat, 2 Dec 2006, Andres Palencia wrote:
> AP> dear all,
> andres,
> AP> I am making a video mpeg with 220 frames of a trajectory of MD
> AP> simulations(AMBER) . In the option movie duration I have spesified 120
> AP> seconds, however when I load the video in the reproductor (windos media
> AP> player) the duration is 7 seconds. It would very nice for me if somebody
> AP> can tell me how to solve the problem,
> the duration flag only makes sense with GIF-animation, where the
> delay between two frames can be specified in the file. MPEG requires
> 24,25 or 30 frames per second. the only way to 'stretch' your movie
> is to use frames multiple times.

thanks a lot for your help,
Just a last question, how can I prepare the video with multiple frames?
Should I load the frames many times in VMD and after make the movie?
Also there is any possibility to decrease the velocity of the movie? I
have selected the slowest velocity in VMD, however in the reproductor
(windows media) the movie is played very fast and I can not see what I want.

Thanks in advance,

> cheers,
> axel.
> AP>
> AP> Thanks a lot in advance,
> AP>
> AP> Andres
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