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Date: Sun Dec 03 2006 - 16:31:58 CST

On Sun, 3 Dec 2006, Andres Palencia wrote:

AP> Dear Alex,
dear andres,

AP> thanks a lot for your help,
AP> Just a last question, how can I prepare the video with multiple frames?

one option would be to hack the movimaker script to use each VMD frame
multiple times. another option would be to keep the intermediate images
and then use some shell scripting to create copies (or symbolic links),
which have to be properly numbered. also you can use vmd scripting to
generate the additional frames for your trajectory (which would also
allow you to apply interpolation) to make the movie smoother, but
the scripting a little more involved.

AP> Should I load the frames many times in VMD and after make the movie?

that would only work, if you have the frames in individual files.
where you then have to load each frame multiple times.

AP> Also there is any possibility to decrease the velocity of the movie? I
AP> have selected the slowest velocity in VMD, however in the reproductor
AP> (windows media) the movie is played very fast and I can not see what I want.

the animation speed in VMD has no impact on the movie. the length and
speed of the movie is determined by the number of frames and the delay
between them. as written before: in mpeg this delay is fixed (and rather


AP> Thanks in advance,
AP> Andres
AP> > cheers,
AP> > axel.
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AP> > AP> Thanks a lot in advance,
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