From: Ramya Narasimhan (
Date: Wed Dec 15 2010 - 00:41:46 CST

I have a MC trajectory file which is an output from CHARMM. I can't load the
dcd file in the VMD. It is giving an error as

dcdplugin) unrecognized DCD header:
dcdplugin) [0]: -1543503872 [1]: 1146244931
dcdplugin) [0]: 0xa4000000 [1]: 0x44524f43
dcdplugin) read_dcdheader: corruption or unrecognized file structure
ERROR) Could not read file /home/ramya/charmm-mc/mc1.dcd

I checked in CHARMM the way of writing trajectory and it seems to be ok. I
removed the DCD header using fixdcd, but still it is not opening in VMD. Can
it be loaded in VMD?

Thanks in advance for any comments/suggestions.