From: Galip Gurkan Yardimci (
Date: Thu Dec 01 2005 - 04:36:45 CST

Hi all,

    I am trying to call a tcl script from my C code. I am using the "system"
function to invoke vmd via command line by using the command "vmd -dispdev
none -eofexit < myscriptwhatsoever.tcl > out.txt". Usual scripting routine as
it is but when the command is invoked vmd starts but waits for input before
executing the tcl script. Any random button pressed from the keyboard makes
the script start then vmd terminates normally. I am unfortunately stuck to
using windows. Do anyone have an idea why there is such a bug(other than
windows causing the silliness)? Or is there such an issue with unix as well?
Thanks a lot...

                                                      G.Gürkan Yardımcı